10 Facts About Moldova Citizenship by Investment You Need to Know

10 Facts About Moldova Citizenship by Investment You Need to Know
April 18, 2019 - Moldova

The Moldova Citizenship by Investment (MCBI) program was launched in late 2018 and is the most recent European citizenship by investment opportunity.

Investors can apply by making an economic contribution to the country through the Public Sustainable Development Fund of Moldova.

With single applications starting at only EUR100,000+, the program offers a very affordable entry point to gaining citizenship in a country that enjoys visa-free access throughout the Schengen Zone and is eyeing membership of the European Union in the long-term, making it an investment that could gain immense value in the future.

What to Consider Before Applying*



Become a European citizen

Investment in the program offers citizenship in a European country.

…but not a citizen of the European Union

Unlike Cyprus and Malta, while Moldova is part of Europe it is not yet in the EU – the country has entered into an association agreement to become a candidate for EU membership, a process which could take several years.

Travel freely to more than half the world

Visa-free access to 122 destinations around the world, including Russia, Turkey, and the countries in Europe’s Schengen Area.

No visa-free access to the UK

Unlike the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs, citizens of Moldova do not enjoy visa-free entry to the United Kingdom.

Dependents Can be Included in Application

Full citizenship, with passport rights, for the applicant and family members included in the application.

Easy inclusion of dependent children up to 29 years of age and parents (of either the main applicant or the spouse) from 55 years of age within the same application.

Citizenship can be passed on to all new-born children by submitting an application at your nearest Moldovan Diplomatic Mission.

Can’t Add Existing Dependents at a Later Stage

Existing family members must be added at the time of application. They CANNOT be added later and would need to submit a new application.

This is true even if the main applicant is unmarried at the time of application – he/she will not be able to pass on citizenship to a spouse in the future. A new application will be required.

Strong financial due diligence measures

The applicant must make the bank transfer of the investment - No third-party transfer is allowed (not even by an Accredited Agent).

Moldova does not accept bank transfers from sanctioned countries.

Nationals from sanctioned countries cannot apply

*Please contact PassPro to find out if you are eligible to apply.

Moldova passports are biometric

Passport Validity for Adults is 10 years.

Passport Validity for Children (0-16) is 7 years.

Passports can be renewed at your nearest Moldova Diplomatic Mission.

Please note that in order to apply, you should already hold a valid passport from your existing country of nationality or a valid travel document.

Applicants need to submit biometrics in person in Moldova/ Moldovan Diplomatic Mission

Before receiving their Certificate of Citizenship, applicants must travel to Moldova to submit their Biometrics and take the Oath or visit the nearest convenient Moldova Consulate/ Diplomatic Mission to do so.

Passport issuance takes a further 2 weeks.

Individuals who do not hold a valid passport from your existing country of nationality or a valid travel document cannot apply for Moldovan citizenship by investment.

The program is attracting increasing interest from individuals and families keen to enjoy the freedom to travel across the Schengen Zone, Russia, Turkey and other key business hubs.

*The above information is accurate at the time of publishing but eligibility criteria could change in the future. Contact PassPro on +971 4 5541449 for the most updated information on eligibility and processing requirements and we will be happy to assist you on your second citizenship journey.

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