Advantages of Cyprus Citizenship - #1 Quality of Life

Advantages of Cyprus Citizenship - #1 Quality of Life
May 2, 2017 - Cyprus

In this five-part series, we explore the advantages of Cyprus citizenship and why the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program warrants some serious attention.

This Mediterranean island offers a highly desirable lifestyle, generous tax breaks, and a pro-investment environment, along with the ability to become a full-fledged EU citizen in 6 months.

A Jewel of the Mediterranean and EU Zone

Few places can compare to the advantages of Cyprus citizenship, especially when it comes to enjoying an ideal Mediterranean island lifestyle.

With beautiful sunny skies 326 days a year, some of the cleanest and most stunning beaches in Europe and a healthy, well-educated and English-speaking population, Cyprus is a highly desirable lifestyle destination, famed around the world for its laid-back charm and easy coastal living.

The nominal GDP per capita of Cyprus is ranked 34th in the world, putting Cyprus in the category of a rich European country, while its British-based legal system makes doing business in Cyprus clear, efficient and transparent.

Long-term residents find the island allows the enjoyment of a high standard of living at a relatively low cost, with good quality international education available in the island's key cities, and a safe and friendly environment to raise a family.

Additionally, generous tax exemptions for high earning individuals, one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe and low tax on pensions makes it a very attractive destination for alternative residency and second citizenship.

Cyprus enjoys an excellent location and easy connectivity to key transport hubs in Europe and the Middle East from its two international airports in Larnaca and Paphos. Both Emirates and Qatar Airways operate daily direct flights to the Mediterranean island.


Advantages of Cyprus Citizenship Through Investment

The ease and efficiency of the 6-month application process makes investing in real estate a highly desirable route for obtaining full EU citizenship for HNWIs and their families, with an investor, spouse, and children being able to obtain citizenship through investment at an entry threshold of €2 million ex VAT (including €500,000 worth of residential property).

Investors can also add their parents, who also need to hold €500,000 worth of residential property that can be purchased as a separate or combined real estate asset. The asset can be sold after 3 years, enabling a recoupment of the investment.

Want to know more about becoming a Cyprus citizen through investment? PassPro Immigration Services and our associates are happy to guide you through the Cypriot investment landscape, offering full and on-ground consultancy on the best options to suit your needs with regard to choosing a property and structuring the sale. To arrange a tour of suitable properties in Cyprus Contact us Here For further updates,  follow PassPro Immigration Services on LinkedIn, Twitter @PassProNews, Instagram @PassProCitizenship or Facebook/PassProCitizenship

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