How to Choose the Best Citizenship Advisor

How to Choose the Best Citizenship Advisor
January 31, 2019 - Guide

At PassPro Immigration Services we promote trust.

There are many companies that do what we do but it is our personalized approach that makes us stand out. We care about the client’s entire journey and it is our mission to build a long-term relationship by ensuring a hassle-free process.

A second citizenship is not a one-time transaction but a lifelong relationship. When it comes to making an investment that has the potential to completely change your life, choosing the right partner to guide you through this journey is crucial.

Here’s what you should consider when picking a processing agent.

Is your advisor a Government Authorized Agent?

Citizenship through investment is a legal process governed by strict criteria, this includes submitting your application through a Government Authorized Agent, Authorized International Marketer or Licensed Sales Agent. You can verify an agent’s credentials by visiting the government portal of the program you wish to apply to which lists all licensed agents by name. Additionally, always ask your agent to show you their updated license.

Experience and references

A seasoned advisor will be comfortable answering all your questions – no matter how detailed or complex. Ask your advisor to provide client references you can talk to who can vouch for service levels. A reputable second citizenship consultant will have a ready contact book of happy clients to refer you to.

Additionally, consider how familiar the consultant is with the countries and projects he or she promotes. Do they visit the Caribbean islands and European nations offering citizenship by investment often? Have they visited and vetted the real estate projects they promote? The difference between a trustworthy advisor and an amateur is that the former will be confident of the product he or she is promoting.

A clear time and structured terms of payment

Ensure your advisor is prompt and clear when they provide you with an initial proposal, quote and processing timelines and that they can walk you through the process and give you clear direction on next steps. Professional agents will link their payment structure to defined milestones and specific deliverables.

At PassPro we are proud to say that 80% of our business comes from referrals which reflects the honest and efficient manner we deal with our clients. We process 75% of our applications within less than 4 months, 20% within 6 months and the remaining 5% of complex cases within 9-12 months. We have deep experience in guiding clients with complicated applications and pride ourselves on an impressive approval rate.

Based on a policy of full client disclosure, we offer individuals who successfully fulfill our pre-approval process a 100% refund policy on all processing and advisory fees, making the process risk-free for our clients.

After-sales support

It is vital to find out what after-sales support your processing agent can offer. Several countries that offer second citizenship programs may not have an Embassy or High Commission in your country of residence and a reputable agent will offer a channel to address all your queries and requests.

All PassPro clients receive access to the MyPassPro portal that offers an easy way to access key after-sales service such as advice on the forms, fees and requirements to register your newborn children or new spouses, renew expired passports or replace lost/stolen passports, get NOC certificates and up-to-date information on visa requirements to destinations worldwide.

PassPro is a Government Authorized Agent for the Citizenship by Investment Program of DominicaSt Kitts and NevisGrenadaSt Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda. For more information or a free no-obligations consultation, email gisellebr[email protected], call +97145541449 or fill in the below form and our team will be happy to guide you on your second citizenship journey. 

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