St Kitts and Nevis Passport Ranks Number 1 in the Eastern Caribbean

St Kitts and Nevis Passport Ranks Number 1 in the Eastern Caribbean
March 13, 2017 - News St Kitts and Nevis

The Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris, revealed last week that his country’s passport has been ranked the #1 most powerful passport within the Eastern Caribbean countries and #2 in the CARICOM.

St Kitts and Nevis citizens currently enjoy visa free access or visa on arrival to 150 countries, including the UK, Schengen Zone, Singapore, Hong Kong and other key business hubs across the world.

“The methodology used in this most recent passport ranking considered among other factors visa-free travel, which they (ranking agency) accorded a high score of 50 percent, taxation policy, issues to do with freedom, and the facility with which persons can have more than one citizenship among others,” said Prime Minister Harris.

“Specific initiatives of my government such as increasing our diplomatic footprint and the number of countries with which we now have visa-free entry have helped. So too, have our competitive tax policy, the high level of democratic freedoms including press freedoms enjoyed here and the enhanced reputation of our country attributed inter-alia to the platinum status of our recognized Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program resulting in our prestigious standing,” said the Prime Minister.

“The international acclaim of St. Kitts and Nevis as a tourist destination, as well as our exceptionally high ranking among the most dynamic countries investing in ICTs, our fiscal surpluses and tax free budgets have no doubt also impacted positively on the perception of our beloved country.”

Prime Minister Harris also discussed the recall of earlier St Kitts and Nevis passports that were issued with no field indicating an individual’s place of birth. He stated that some 15,197 regular passports, 91 diplomatic and 39 official passports were issued without the country of birth field a few years ago. He said his government have since acted expeditiously to ensure that the use of these passports was discontinued.

“My government has taken the decision to deactivate all passports issued by the former government without the country of birth field.  All such holders will have to reapply for a new passport with the relevant country of birth field and they will pay the cost of the new passport,” he said. “This is an imperative to safeguard the integrity of our passport, to comply with international best practices, and to satisfy our commitment to being a responsible member of the international community.”

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