St Lucia Halts Accepting Iranian CIP Applications

St Lucia Halts Accepting Iranian CIP Applications
September 4, 2018 - News St Lucia

The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit announced that it will no longer be able to accept applications from Iranian nationals to its Citizenship by Investment Program.

In a notice to Authorized Agents circulated early in August 2018 the CIU stated:

“We have recently been informed by all of the due diligence firms who conduct due diligence checks on behalf of the Citizenship by Investment Programme that they are unable to undertake due diligence checks on site in Iran and validate documents issued from Iran. This is applicable for all Iranian citizens in residence in and out of Iran.

Furthermore, the sole domestic bank that facilitates banking for the Unit will not facilitate inflows of funds that are coming out of Iran for the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Pursuant to the formerly stated developments, the Unit shall not be accepting citizenship by investment applications from Iranian citizens resident in Iran and elsewhere. Please be guided accordingly.”

Iranians are able to apply to other Citizenship by Investment Programs on fulfilling prescribed eligibility criteria and PassPro is highly experienced in processing applications for Iranian nationals.

For more information regarding the St Lucia citizenship by investment program, please visit:

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