What Makes Citizenship by Investment Legal?

What Makes Citizenship by Investment Legal?
September 12, 2018 - News

How can a person “invest in a citizenship”? The ability to exchange financial funds for a second nationality sounds too good to be true.

How do you know the legal investment amount when you receive different quotes from different companies?
  • Why can you legally obtain a second citizenship through investment from the Commonwealth of Dominica but cannot invest in gaining a second citizenship from the Dominican Republic?
  • How can you ensure that the document that you receive at the end of the application process is an official and genuine document?
  • What guarantees do you have that when you obtain a second nationality you will not be stopped at any airport and told you have obtained a passport illegally?
Legal Second Citizenship is Governed by Constitutional Acts and Legislation

How an individual is granted citizenship depends on the Citizenship Acts of each country. These Acts or legislature are part of each country’s body of laws or Constitution and they prescribe what conditions a person must fulfil to become a citizen.

There are only a few countries in the world that provide citizenship through investment with no residency requirements. The laws of these countries are governed by strict regulations and describe the following in detail:

  • Which governmental body can approve the citizenship
  • Who is eligible and can be considered main applicants and dependents
  • The different forms of investment
  • The minimum investment required to qualify
  • How is the due diligence conducted?
  • Reasons for rejection
  • How your citizenship could be revoked
Below are a list of countries and their Citizenship Acts which can be verified on each respective Government Portals St Kitts and Nevis

The regulations regarding Citizenship by Investment in St. Kitts and Nevis are contained in Part II, Section 3 (5) of the Citizenship Act, 1984 and subsequent amendments.

https://www.ciu.gov.kn/ The Commonwealth of Dominica

The Citizenship by Investment Programme is set out in the regulations published pursuant to Section 101 of the Constitution and Sections 8 and 20 (1) of the Citizenship Act and subsequent amendments.

https://cbiu.gov.dm/ Antigua and Barbuda

Regulations governing the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Program are contained in Section 6 of the Citizenship by Investment Act, 2014 and subsequent amendments.

http://www.cip.gov.ag/ Grenada

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program was enshrined by law when the Grenadian Parliament passed the ‘Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act, 2013. The Act and subsequent amendments govern how citizenship can be granted through investment.

http://www.cbi.gov.gd/ St Lucia

The St Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program became operational in January 2016 and is regulated by the Citizenship by Investment Act No 14 passed in 2015, and subsequent amendments.

https://www.cipsaintlucia.com/ Cyprus

The Naturalization of Investors by Exception Scheme of Cyprus operates in accordance with the Civil Registry Laws 2002 – 2013 and associated amendments made on 15th March 2014 and 13th September 2016.


In contrast, other countries such as Venezuela or the Dominican Republic have no such legislation or Constitutional Acts that allow individuals to gain citizenship through investment.

Benefits of Official Legislation
  • Official legislation offers Constitutional protection of citizens’ rights – meaning no one can ordinarily revoke the citizenship even if political regimes or policies change in the future.
  • If you are offered a scheme through which you can invest in second citizenship, you should always ask for a copy of the Constitutional Act that allows the country to grant citizenship via investment and ensure that the agent you are using is legally licensed to represent the Citizenship by Investment Program offered.
  • Names of licensed agents can be found on the respective official Government Citizenship by Investment Unit websites.
  • You should also check that the investment amount and fees match those officially prescribed by the government and detailed in the country’s legislation to ensure that you are applying legally.

Do you have a question on whether an offer you have received to obtain citizenship by investment is legal? PassPro is a Government Authorized agent for processing citizenship by investment for Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, St Lucia and Dominica and we are always happy to educate you on the laws that make the process legal. We offer a no obligation consultation to ensure that any quotes you have received are legitimate.

For more information please call +97145541449, email [email protected] or fill in the below form and we will be happy to contact you.


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