How to Comply with Bank Checks to Ensure a Smooth Citizenship Application

October 2, 2019 Guide

Whether it’s opening a new bank account or attempting to send funds abroad, we need to adhere to increasingly stringent,

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3 Tax Questions to Ask Before Changing Your Residency or Citizenship

July 26, 2019 Guide

Lowering one’s tax liability is one reason why some individuals decide to acquire a second citizenship by

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6 Reasons to Invest in Grenada Citizenship Today

June 27, 2019 Guide Grenada

Grenada launched its Citizenship by Investment Program in 2013, making it one if the youngest programs to operate within

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5 Benefits of Citizenship by Investment Beyond Visa-Free Travel

May 23, 2019 Guide Commentary

The ability to travel visa-free at short notice to more than 50% of the world is often considered the primary benefit of

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How to Choose the Best Citizenship Advisor

January 31, 2019 Guide

At PassPro Immigration Services we promote trust. There are many companies that do what we do but it is our personali

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Getting Your Finances in Order is an Essential Step When Applying for Second Citizenship

March 11, 2018 News Guide

For most businesses in the UAE, 2018 started with the need to get their accounts in order in time for the launch of VAT.

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Applying for a Visa? It Could Affect Your Future Second Citizenship Application

February 5, 2018 News Guide

Visa rejected! Two words that strike fear in the heart of any person who has had to go through the stressful process of

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5 Legal Ways You Could Be Eligible for Dual Citizenship

January 23, 2018 News Guide

Most people take their citizenship for granted, but for many others, citizenship is not as simple as being born in a par

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3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Second Citizenship Program

August 21, 2017 News Guide

“Which program should I choose?” For any person thinking of investing in second citizenship, it is the most important

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4 Questions to Ask When Renouncing Your Citizenship

August 15, 2017 News Guide

Obtaining a new citizenship is a very exciting process. Being organized through the transition period can help make the

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