How A Second Citizenship Could Change Your Child's Life

How A Second Citizenship Could Change Your Child's Life
November 29, 2017 - News

Your child’s passport could determine the course of his or her future.

It’s an uncomfortable reality that many parents would rather not think about. But the fact is, one’s nationality, citizenship and passport – decided randomly by birth and government policy – can have a major impact on the choices and opportunities your children will enjoy in life to follow the path that makes them happiest and most successful.

But how exactly can a second citizenship help?

Here are 4 ways your child will benefit from a second citizenship:

Overcoming Prejudice

There is nothing as disappointing to a child than being seen as anything less than someone else. Unfortunately, we live in a world where certain nationalities are penalized and viewed with suspicion – they are seen as an immigration or security risk wherever they go. A second citizenship gives your child the means to avoid unfair prejudice.

Travel Freely

Young adults in the age group of 18-25 from countries historically seen as having a high emigration risk such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia and so on, have great difficulty in being granted a visa even for leisure travel.

Particularly for young, unmarried adults who have just finished university but not yet established a career, being able to travel to the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada or New Zealand on holiday becomes incredibly difficult as immigration officials see this age group as a having an inherent flight risk. A second citizenship from the Caribbean countries or Cyprus gives your child the freedom to travel without a visa to more than 120+ countries, and acquire a visa more easily to others, no matter what their age.

Higher Education and Job Prospects

Holding an EU passport such as that acquired through investing in Cyprus citizenship gives your child the freedom to study, live and work anywhere across the EU.

Moreover, several countries do not easily grant student visas or work permit extensions to students after they complete their international courses purely on the basis of their nationality.  Holding a nationality of a country not seen as having a high over-stay risk will help your child study and work wherever he or she chooses.

Another unfair practice that exists in many expat markets is setting starting salaries for employees from the developing world far lower than their colleagues from the West, as cost of living expenses are perceived to be lower in their home countries. It is a proven fact that a low starting salary can impact your lifelong earning ability. As some employers base their salary bands on the basis of nationality, your child can face an unfair disadvantage at the start of their career purely because of the passport they hold rather than the merit of their skills and talent.

Life Saver

Many countries follow a policy of forced conscription to the armed forces. The decision to renounce your child’s birth nationality in favour of citizenship in a neutral country could literally save your child’s life by allowing them to choose not join the army.

Many children also require more advanced care due to medical issues that may only be available in the West. Recent travel restrictions against certain nationalities can restrict your child’s access to life-saving medical care at short notice if they are in need of such support.

Securing their children's future and freedom of choice is the number one reason many of our clients choose to invest in a second citizenship. PassPro is a Government Authorized agent for processing second citizenship of some of the leading countries in the world to offer legal Citizenship by Investment programs. To know more fill in the below contact form, call +97145541449 or email [email protected]

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